Waiting in WebDriverJs

I have been trying to work out how to wait elegantly for dynamic content when using WebDriverJs.

I set up an example page to has dynamic content to explain these examples clearly: webdriverjsdemo.github.io

The best way to solve problems is to break them down into small, clean, reproducible examples.

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Getting Started with WebDriverJS & Mocha

See also: WebDriverJS & Mocha Part 2: Hooks

As more and more companies move towards having web user interfaces built using JavaScript (eg. React & AngularJS), as well as towards full stack JavaScript (Node.js), it seems JavaScript is becoming a ubiqutous programming language, with more and more developers mastering it.

It makes sense then to start writing automated acceptance tests in JavaScript using Node.js, as this lowers the barrier for more people to write acceptance tests.

I’ve recently started using WebDriverJS (the official Selenium JavaScript library) and Mocha to write automated acceptance tests for WordPress.com, and I want to share some of my findings so far.

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