AMA: Starting a Blog

Rohan asks..

I am thinking of starting to blog. I am very much inspired by your thoughts. Hence planning.

So before starting over what are the thing you may want me to suggest?

My response…

I have pretty much already answered this in my very first response to these questions. I’d recommend you take a look at that if you haven’t already. 

I like the riverbed analogy and another analogy about letting things form over time is something I heard a while ago but can’t remember where: it was about installing a new park and having to decide where to put the concrete footpaths. 

Instead of making decisions about where the paths should be and thereby telling people where they want to walk, they instead started by installing no paths and letting people walk anywhere they want. Over time they found the grass wore down and grass-less paths began to appear. They then simply poured concrete to build these paths that people had designed themselves. 

You can’t make decisions about what people want from your blog.  Start writing about different problems you’ve solved, things you’ve seen and then use any feedback you get to mould your content over time.