AMA: RestAssured or similar tools for integration tests?

Jay asks…

Have you used RestAssured or similar tools for integration tests? Specifically, where a test URL is built with various parameters, sent, and the response data (XML/JSON) is finally verified.

If so, have any interesting patterns or anti-patterns emerged from this work?

I enjoy your blog a lot. It has really helped inform my work.

My response…

I haven’t used RestAssured or similar tools for integration tests. It looks like a nice DSL/syntactic sugar around consuming/validating REST services.

If I were writing a lot of integration tests in a language like Java I think this would be worthwhile, but at the moment my main focus is on automated unit test and automated e2e test coverage in JavaScript.

In the past when I’ve written REST integration tests I’ve just called them using in built libraries, and have used Postman quite a lot for manual testing and debugging.