Update on ‘Ask Me Anything’

I’ve had an excellent response to my Ask Me Anything (AMA) post so far.

  • I have received 47 different questions in total
  • I have answered 15 so far on this site
  • I have answered 2 offline/in person as they were from local testers; and
  • I have 30 remaining which I will answer in time.

I am answering every question received on a FCFS basis, but it will take me some time to get through the remaining questions as I like to think about my answer to ensure it is helpful.

Can I ask something of you? If you wish to discuss any of the responses then please do so on the article itself here on watirmelon.com. I like having all the questions/discussion here alongside the original article so everyone can join in rather than scattered over twitter (which I don’t check) or LinkedIn.

Thanks for that, oh, and if you don’t mind the wait, keep the questions coming.


WatirMelon AMA: Ask Me Anything

WatirMelon AMAThere comes a time in one’s blogging life when one decides to conduct an ‘Ask Me Anything’ (AMA). That time is now. Feel free to submit the contact form below with your question(s) and I’ll collate these over the next week or so and (try to) answer as many as I can, either in group form for short questions or as individual posts for more meaty ones.

Feel free to ask me anything, whether it be an automated test strategy or approach question, or what it’s like to live in Australia and work remotely for one of the world’s largest blogging/content platforms.

Your name, email and website are all optional, if you choose to provide your name and/website I will put this against the original question when answering it (I won’t include your email). Any toxic or inappropriate questions will be politely ignored.