Upgrading WebdriverJs to Selenium 3

Yes, I know that Selenium 3 has been out for a while, but I’ve finally got around at looking at updating our end-to-end tests to use it. Newer versions of Firefox require Geckodriver which require Selenium 3.3+ so it’s a forced upgrade of sorts.

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Feature Toggles for Automated e2e Tests

Feature toggles aren’t just for production code. Feature toggles are also a powerful technique to change the behaviour of your automated end-to-end tests without changing code.

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Using WebDriver to automatically check for JavaScript errors on every page (2016 edition)

Back in 2012 I wrote about how to use WebDriver to automatically check for JavaScript console errors on every page. The solution I proposed involved adding some common JavaScript to every page in your app and then checking that errors object when using WebDriver page object classes.

Fortunately since then the WebDriver project now supports checking for these errors without making any changes to your app, so if this has been stopping you doing this you can now do it quite easily.

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AMA: C# WebDriver Questions

omayer asks…

how to use test data from xlsx in c# webdriver, thank you in advance.

My response…

I haven’t done this as I’ve managed data/scenarios using SpecFlow, but there’s this post that should help you.

omayer also asks…

Handling popup Windows in C# WebDriver – Closing the popup window , finding elements on popup window, locating element inside popup window and frameset

My response…

Stackoverflow is a good resource for these types of questions; there’s some examples on how to do this here.

pallavi asks…

Which tool can we use for report generation in selenium with C#

My response…

This very much depends on which framework you are using to manage your tests. I have used SpecFlow which allows a formatted HTML report of test results.

pallavi also asks…

Can we use selenium with coded ui in visual studio? If I use with coded ui then what template it will follow

My response…

My experience with CodedUI tests in C# has only been negative. When I looked at it, the approach Microsoft used was to generate a huge number of lines of CodedUI test code which I couldn’t understand or make into reusable objects. I much prefer Selenium/WebDriver for any web based tests, and to use White to test any non-web based UIs. I am not familiar with CodedUI templates since it has been a long time since I looked at it.