(Not) Lying about Writing Code

I recently saw this quote in an article by Nikita Hasis on Medium.

“If Your Test Leaders Aren’t Telling You To Write Code, They Are Lying!
Even if it’s by omission.

There’s this argument, almost daily, about whether software testers should learn programming. I’ll jump right in. It is unimaginable that someone would tell you NOT to learn something. That’s the first, and probably shittiest lie that inexperienced testers get fed. It’s further unimaginable, and downright irresponsible to tell people not to learn something that is very clearly where a large, well-paying, and above all interesting part of the industry is heading. Wanna work on innovative, data-driven projects with smart and driven people? You probably need to pull up terminal and at least get your toes wet, y’all.

The worst part of the lie is that it imposes that coding is a difficult grind and will only cause more problems than it solves. I even saw Alister Scott’s blog post referenced as an argument against coding, ironic as it is.”

~ Nikita Hasis (Medium)

Since Medium is a walled garden that doesn’t allow you to leave a comment without creating an account I’ll leave my response here instead (where anyone is free to comment however they like).

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Handling JavaScript alerts when leaving a page with WebDriver

You’ve most probably seen the sometimes-useful-but-often-annoying browser alerts when navigating away from a page:JavaScript onbeforeunload alert

How do we deal with these using WebDriver?

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Using WebDriver to automatically check for JavaScript errors on every page (2016 edition)

Back in 2012 I wrote about how to use WebDriver to automatically check for JavaScript console errors on every page. The solution I proposed involved adding some common JavaScript to every page in your app and then checking that errors object when using WebDriver page object classes.

Fortunately since then the WebDriver project now supports checking for these errors without making any changes to your app, so if this has been stopping you doing this you can now do it quite easily.

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Link: Reviewing “A Context Driven Approach to Automation in Testing”

“Ultimately, this article is mostly FUD, propaganda, and obfuscation. The parts that are not actually wrong or misleading are naive and trivial. Put it like this: if I were considering hiring someone for a testing position, and they submitted this exercise as part of their application, I would not hire them, even for a junior position. I would feel sorry for them.”

Chris McMahon on A Context-Driven Approach to Automation in Testing

Chris returns from a hiatus of blogging with a great review of a paper from some of our so called software testing community ‘leaders’.

I’m glad he shared this for a few different reasons.

Firstly, when someone shared that paper with me I found it so cringeworthy that I couldn’t even continue reading it past the second page. So I’m glad Chris was stronger than me to be able to completely read it and share his thoughts

Secondly I’ve chosen to distance myself completely from that ‘community’ so providing any critique would be going against my decision.

Finally, I agree with every word Chris has written and I thank him for taking the time to speak up against it, because if other software professionals consider this wholly representative of the testing community then we’re in big trouble.

The importance of testability, or how to avoid the nastiest xpath selector known to mankind

Our automated end-to-end tests for WordPress.com include searching for a domain and selecting a .com result from a screen that looks like this:

find a domain component.png

We want our tests to be consistent, so even though we search for a different address each time, we want to select the ‘.com’ address result each time by clicking ‘Select’ next to that result. But how do we click the correct ‘Select’ button when there’s so many of them?!?

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AMA: Learning JavaScript automation & starting e2e tests

Edwin asks…

How should someone approach learning JavaScript strictly for the purpose of test automation? Should they learn it the way a front-end developer would or is there a better way to learn it for purposes of writing automation?

anil also asks…

I need to do automation by using mocha chai framework with selenum webdriver. can you please guide me or suggest any site or video on how to start and what are the basic things need to know.

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