Ask Me Anything: That’s a Wrap!

thats all folks

I just finished the last response to my first ever Ask Me Anything.

I was overwhelmed with the fantastic response: I received, and answered, a total of 71 questions!

Not only has this exercise allowed me to directly answer each and every question, but it has also given me great insight into understanding you all better, my dear readers.

I’ve closed the new question forms, as I found a lot of the later questions were becoming very similar to earlier ones anyway, and I now want to focus on writing about some new and different topics I have in my blog backlog.

Should there be sufficient interest I might open another Ask Me Anything later in the year.


AMA: automation hooks bad practice?

Miguel Juteau asks…

Some people contend that deploying markup code in production that contains automation hooks (e.g. Html5 data tags) is bad practice (for the same reason that we don’t deploy unit tests to production: it doesn’t serve the customer).
However it seems very desirable to build a solid contract for automation selectors that does not get affected by UI changes.

Any thoughts on that ?

My response…

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AMA: adopting a TDD/BDD approach

João Monteiro asks…

I recently joined a small company where I am the only QA and the test automation suite was already written in a given/when/then style but rarely (if not at all) gets read by the rest of the team (product or developers). Any tips on how to mentor the team to adopt a BDD approach? Do you recommend any tools / framework to share the features in a centralised place easily accessible by the rest of the team an not just on the tests repository?

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AMA: Learning JavaScript automation & starting e2e tests

Edwin asks…

How should someone approach learning JavaScript strictly for the purpose of test automation? Should they learn it the way a front-end developer would or is there a better way to learn it for purposes of writing automation?

anil also asks…

I need to do automation by using mocha chai framework with selenum webdriver. can you please guide me or suggest any site or video on how to start and what are the basic things need to know.

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