Questions with a Consolee

When I worked at ThoughtWorks they had this thing called The Interview where every so often Ryan Boucher would publish an interview with a co-worker. The thing I really liked about it was that the person talking was only revealed at the very end.

I’ve stolen the idea and implemented it with modified questions and a portrait photo in my current workplace: Console.

How do you manage to stay on top of things?

Principally, I:

1. I write out lots and lots and lots of lists so that my mind is free to begin thinking clearly.

2. I accept that some days I’ll produce perfect work right out of the gate, and others I’ll be stuck polishing turds. Know what kind of day it is and roll with it.

What skill are you interested in learning next?

I want to get better at cinematography and special effects editing.

What do you love about your current role?

I love that I get to regularly push myself to my creative limits, and that my work shapes people’s experience of Console in myriad subtle ways.

What would you put on a billboard?

Everything counts. Yes, even that.

How do you go about leaving your work brain at work?

It takes me about 40 mins to walk home from work, and 15 mins to bus. I walk, and process the day as I go. It helps me be way more present when I get home.

What is an unusual habit or absurd thing you love?

I can’t go anywhere without a box of Eclipse spearmint sugarfree mints, and I mean anywhere: including to bed. I don’t necessarily use them, I just have a mental thing where I have to have them there NO MATTER WHAT. When I travel, I’ll bring about 2-3 packets for every week I plan to be away. I once traveled for 9 months straight, and I brought maybe 3 cartons (so 24 boxes) with me, and when I ran out there was no decent substitution. It was pretty much the first thing I bought at the airport when I came home >_>

Here’s a pic of my beloved when I was in a state of withdrawal in Canada

What have you changed your mind about?

Dungeons and dragons. I thought it was for nerds. Turns out, I’m a nerd.

When you feel overwhelmed or unfocused what do you do?

My eyes go completely black and people look at me with fear in their eyes. [This is a joke but it is also kind of true. I have a panic face that unnerves my colleagues.] More seriously, I do a lap of the block, sit and write another list, and then just start somewhere—anywhere.

How do you go about making the world a better place?

I try to make the people around me feel special and loved. Whether it’s Console Academy Awards, excessive quantities of fairy lights, glitter bombs or unexpected treats, I’m always looking for ways to make people feel like there’s a little bit of magic in the world.

What question do you wish people would ask you?

What do you love about marketing? I think everyone either has their own idea about what marketing is, or they have ‘a marketing idea’. But there’s so much art and science and theory and creativity and hard bloody yakka to be good at marketing, and I think people have written it off as neither particularly prestigious nor difficult to do well. It’s not a noble profession, but it’s super interesting!

… Maybe that’s why people don’t ask me about it. They know I’ll talk their ear off.

Who are you?

Click here to reveal

I am not Chloe*. I am Hayley! Digital Content Producer in Marketing.

*the branded illustration you see on Console login screens and such. Contrary to popular belief, she was not modelled off me, and the long red hair is just a coincidence!

Photo by Alister Scott

Author: Alister Scott

Alister is a Software Quality Engineer from Brisbane, Australia.

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