A brief update & AMA II

It’s been a while since I wrote something on this blog as you could say my life has been a bit complicated.

In May this year whilst moving house my wife sadly suffered from a rare medical condition called necrotizing fasciitis. She spent two weeks in intensive care, had seven operations, spent a month in hospital and now has a reconstructed hand/lower arm. Whilst it’s still not over, we’re past the worst of it and the next 2 or 3 operations over the rest of this year are about making her hand more functional. Whilst it’s not an ideal outcome (she has had to change her dominant hand from right to left) it could have been much, much worse as necrotizing fasciitis is a life-threatening medical condition.

I’d like to get back into regularly updating this blog and since the last Ask Me Anything was so successful I have decided to conduct another.

So please feel free to use the form below to ask me anything: this could be software testing, automated testing, distributed ways of working, Automattic, WordPress.com, WebDriverJS or anything else (I am also interesting in cacti, succulents, hiking, and collecting quotes).

As before you can ask anonymously and if you choose to leave your name and/or site I will provide this with my response.

Author: Alister Scott

Alister is an Excellence Wrangler for Automattic.

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