AMA: C# WebDriver Questions

omayer asks…

how to use test data from xlsx in c# webdriver, thank you in advance.

My response…

I haven’t done this as I’ve managed data/scenarios using SpecFlow, but there’s this post that should help you.

omayer also asks…

Handling popup Windows in C# WebDriver – Closing the popup window , finding elements on popup window, locating element inside popup window and frameset

My response…

Stackoverflow is a good resource for these types of questions; there’s some examples on how to do this here.

pallavi asks…

Which tool can we use for report generation in selenium with C#

My response…

This very much depends on which framework you are using to manage your tests. I have used SpecFlow which allows a formatted HTML report of test results.

pallavi also asks…

Can we use selenium with coded ui in visual studio? If I use with coded ui then what template it will follow

My response…

My experience with CodedUI tests in C# has only been negative. When I looked at it, the approach Microsoft used was to generate a huge number of lines of CodedUI test code which I couldn’t understand or make into reusable objects. I much prefer Selenium/WebDriver for any web based tests, and to use White to test any non-web based UIs. I am not familiar with CodedUI templates since it has been a long time since I looked at it.


Author: Alister Scott

Alister is a Software Quality Engineer from Brisbane, Australia.

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