AMA: blogs to read

Anonymous asks…

What are your top five testing or technology blogs to read?

My response…

Where did all the blogs go? Seriously; I used to read hundreds of blogs that were regularly updated and now I struggle to list five. Maybe it’s Twitter, but there’s a serious testing blog drought.

  1. Katrina the Tester by Katrina Clokie – I’m always excited when I see there’s a new blog post by Katrina in my feed Reader as her posts are always interesting and high quality. It’s just a shame she doesn’t use the far superior platform instead of Blogger 😎
  2. Four Short Links by Nat Torkington – Every weekday Nat publishes a collection of four links with some short commentary that are interesting from a technology/software dev point of view. I love following these links and freeing myself from my filters.
  3. Google Testing Blog by Google  – There hasn’t been a lot of new content on here lately, but it serves as a good way to keep up to date with GTAC news such as there will be a GTAC this year after all.
  4. Rands in Repose by Michael Lopp – I discovered this site via Four Short Links back in 2014 when Nat linked to Michael’s fantastic ‘The QA Mindset‘ post.
  5. Signal v. Noise by Basecamp – Even though they moved to Medium and have silly m dot URLs, and they continue to hold ridiculously strong opinions, I still enjoy the posts that come from DHH, Jason Fried and Co.

What are your favourite testing or technology feeds?

Author: Alister Scott

Alister is a Software Quality Engineer from Brisbane, Australia.

3 thoughts on “AMA: blogs to read”

  1. Alister, I would have to respectively say that there is more writing from the testing community than many may realize. I am able to find 30-60 pieces of relevant testing related pieces each week (and a lot more worth skipping). Over time, you will see that there are regular writers. I have tried to capture postings on a weekly basis through Testing Bits. I encourage your readers to take a look and discover a community of testing writers!

  2. Probably one of the best blogs for me on testing is’s a blog that has a lot of technical details but also doesn’t forget that testing is not something tools do; it’s something humans do.

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