Testing your iOS app’s share functionality

I’ve been testing an iOS app that I am working on, and since our app is not yet public, I discovered a neat way to test Facebook/Twitter iOS share functionality without publicly sharing anything about our app.

For Facebook, you can share with the audience set to “Only Me”, which will actually post it to Facebook but only you can see it. This way you can then see what it looks like once it is shared in your Facebook account.

facebook share

Twitter is a little trickier as there’s no per tweet privacy settings, so what I did was create a test Twitter account and made sure it is set to private (protected tweets) with zero followers. That way I can post to that however I like without the risk of someone actually seeing it.

twitter share

There’s two benefits of these little tricks: the first is that you can keep any test functionality or apps under wraps until they are actually released, and secondly, you won’t be spamming your networks with test messages as you test.

Author: Alister Scott

Alister is a Software Quality Engineer from Brisbane, Australia.

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  1. Facebook has a feature where you can make test accounts and you can also have those test account be friends with each others and etc.

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