Should testers get a testing certification?

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There are numerous software testing certifications available to certify the skills of software testers. These typically involve some training followed by a multiple choice examination.

Some examples are ISTQB and ISEB

By testing certifications I mean any of these.

So, should testers get a testing certification?

Get a testing certification

Get a testing certification if you feel like getting a testing certification will be useful.

Don’t get a testing certification

Don’t get a testing certification if you don’t feel like you need a testing certification.

Author: Alister Scott

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6 thoughts on “Should testers get a testing certification?”

  1. There was a discussion in the Software Testing & Quality group in Linkedin.

    It seems that for European countries, the testing certification is more important. For most testers in North America, they claim that nobody even asks them about the certification during their 10+ year professional life.

    However, a few senior QA managers do take the certification in account while they hire a new team member. It is simply because the certification can provide some proof about the candidate’s capabilities. This is true specially for the engineers just starting to work as testers/QA


  2. I think the same can be said for most certifications. But I also think you need to recognise that learning something and getting certified in it are two different things. Not getting a certification is fine but not learning new things will see you fall behind.


  3. In the end, I would like to hope that any tester would only seek certification if they felt it added something to their experience (eg. “by signing up to take the exam, I forced myself to think about what I know and have learned over the years, and see if it can be recalled on demand).

    Where I get concerned is when it is seen as an entrance fee for testers to be able to apply for jobs (which seems to apply in some cases). I do not feel this “should” be the case, but may apply as “useful” to a tester if there is some bias in place.

    By the way, good framing for the question.


  4. I think I got a lot out of simply studying to earn a testing certificate (I went through ASTQB to get my foundation level one) – I found software testing and development resources that I still reference/use to this day!


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