Reflecting on this blog

I fired up my netbook tonight to read and reflect on some of my old blog posts. Here’s a collection of my favourite blog posts and a comment about each from my current perspective.

Five organisations I would love to work for (geography aside): Amazingly this two+ year old list is still very accurate. In 2010 I’d possibly drop 37signals from number 5 and replace them with either Thoughtworks or Mozilla or Google. Proving how great Atlassian is, Jeffrey Walker commented on this post, but very sadly, he’s no longer with us.

Software Piracy: I still stand by my views on pirated software being unnecessary, and still love my ‘biting the hand that feeds you’ analogy.

Why I do automated testing: This question still comes up (a lot) when attending job interviews. My answer is, unsurprisingly, still the same.

Version control your tests, quickly, easily, today for free: There’s still no excuse not to have version control of your automated tests. Please do it.

Create fancy wiki home pages with Confluence, Lozenge and Nuvola Icons: A dead simple way to create an attractive Confluence home page with free icons.

Weird ways of working, car indicators, and shoshin: The thing that amazes me today about my eight month year old son is his shoshin, and how he contributes to my own.

Running Watir tests from a Confluence wiki page: Some cool stuff I wish I could use more in my day job. One day.

Five reasons starting with F on why I use Watir: Again, two+ years later and all the reasons are still relevant.

Let me know if you have any favourites or would like me to write about something in particular in the future.

Update 20 July 2010:

Somehow I forgot this post I am really proud of: Software Testing Career Development

Author: Alister Scott

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