Twitter, meaningful coversations and happiness

“By engaging in meaningful conversations, we manage to impose meaning on an otherwise pretty chaotic world.”

~ American psychologist Matthias Mehl

This probably explains why I haven’t been enjoying twitter very much lately. At first there is a certain novelty factor, but soon it just becomes repetitive small talk, which Matthias shows doesn’t lead to happiness. I have never been a fan of small talk, but I guess I didn’t realize that’s what twitter actually is.

Update: 11 May 2010: Helen Razor explains why she has quit twitter, very interesting.

Author: Alister Scott

Alister is an Excellence Wrangler for Automattic.

4 thoughts on “Twitter, meaningful coversations and happiness”

  1. Twitter is what you make it. If I’ve learned one thing it is that you MUST scrub your input. Remember the lesson of Little Bobby Drop Tables. Never accept anyone with thousands of followers. They aren’t selective. If you’ll take input from anywhere you’ll fall for anything.

    So, who is making you hate twitter? Is it me? If so, axe me today. Find some better friends. Or maybe take a break for awhile and come back. Some days are awful.

    I see a tweet steam like sitting in a coffee shop. You have to learn to skim and take just what interests you. Some conversations don’t apply and you just let them stream along. Some are great and you pick them up and spend your time there. I’ve had some stunning mind changing conversations. I’ve been shunned by some Agile gurus because I refused to agree that all people are worth my time and that all people are teachable. Because I stand by my comment that some people will never get it, and not only because we aren’t “giving it”. It was educational for me to know that I’m offensive to some segment of Agile enthusiasts. I never would have known without twitter. Why does it matter? Well, I learned something.

    Twitter isn’t for everyone. It feels like being in a loud chaotic party sometimes where everyone is shouting and few are listening. If you find a few threads that are gold and pull them out of the loud plastic woven sheet, you can make something worth keeping. There is plenty of plastic, lots of people selling junk, marketing types, and people there just to vent and curse up a storm. Plenty of Edward vs Jacob memes and links to cat photos, some of which I’m guilty of spreading.

    Some of it is people announcing they are using the toilet, but some of it is profound life changing thought being created right now.


      1. Thanks! This is another thing I love about twitter. I discover new writers and read stuff from testers and developers I never would have met otherwise. I’m enjoying your blog!


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