HP acquires the Watir project, announces Wativ

In a surprise move today, HP, the vendor of numerous Mercury testing tools, has acquired the open source Watir testing product.

Over the last few years, HP has been continually threatened by the Watir open source project, as it provides flexible and efficient automated web testing for zero cost. The only viable commercial option for HP was to acquire the product. The details of how it was acquired are still unclear, but many long term developers have had all rights to code removed overnight in a move that has shocked the once close knit Watir community.

To align the Watir product with the existing HP Mercury toolset, HP have immediately announced Wativ: Web Application Testing in Vendorscript. Whilst it was initially thought the v in Wativ would stand for VBScript, HP have again shocked its user base by forcing Wativ users to use TSL (Test Scripting Language), the C like proprietary vendorscript originally designed to be used in the legacy WinRunner product. It is thought that the Watit name (Web Application testing in TSL) could be misconstrued by its users. HP have announced its reason for using TSL, being they have opened the product up to the large existing WinRunner user base who are too ingrained in TSL to use anything else.

To align Wativ with other HP Mercury products, numerous additional add-ons will be offered, all individually priced, depending on what you wish to test.

Immediately available are the Wativ Web 2.0 web testing add-on, Wativ Flex testing add-on, Wativ Flash testing add-on, Wativ Firefox add-on and the Wativ web services add-on.

Other details are unclear at this stage, whilst the watir.com site has been updated to reflect the change, other details are still in progress so please stay tuned.

2 April 2010: In case you didn’t realize, this is all a joke.

Author: Alister Scott

Alister is an Excellence Wrangler for Automattic.

23 thoughts on “HP acquires the Watir project, announces Wativ”

  1. And here I thought it would be Web Application Testing Infrastructure for VMS. I must go check with HP to see if Wativ is supported on my favourite OS of all time.


  2. Alister and I are flying to HP headquarters (Palo Alto, Calif.) as I write this (from the plane). We have heard that Watir users are gathering in front of the headquarters. There are some rumors about them having signs and shouting stuff. I hope we will manage to record a podcast with a few of the Watir users and hear what they think.


  3. I hope its a 1st Of April thing, i hope this is some kind of a joke as i don’t find anything about this on HP site. i wud be glad to be a fool than disappointed for rest of my life


  4. Well done again, very creative. I think you have given an idea to HP and they might work on the lines.


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