Watir Logo Refresh Competition

With the launch of the new watir.com site, I thought it would be an appropriate time to refresh the Watir logo to be included on the site and all other Watir branded information.

Current Watir Logo by Jacinda Scott
Current Watir Logo by Jacinda Scott

The current logo (above) was designed some time ago by Jacinda Scott, and has served Watir well, but it would be great if someone in the Watir community could propose a refresh of sorts.

One of the issues with the current logo is that we don’t have a high- resolution (or .svg) version, so it is hard to use the logo to full effect.

There has been positive feedback about the current logo, it is round (like the web browser icons, firefox, ie, opera, etc.) and it is blue and ‘water’ like.

I am proposing a logo redesign/refresh competition where you can take the current logo, and propose something fresh. It would be great if it keeps the browser-ish style with some sort of water/blue theme.

Once some designs have been submitted (over the next week – up until say Sunday 9th August), I will compile these and have the Watir community vote on what they think is the best one. The winner shall receive all the praise and glory of having their logo redesign on the watir.com site (with credits of course).

Please email your designs (preferably in .png and/or .svg) to alister dot scott at gmail by 9th August.

Author: Alister Scott

Alister is an Excellence Wrangler for Automattic.