Mr Peanut at Austin Workshop on Test Automation

I spent the last few days in Austin, Texas, USA at the Austin Workshop on Test Automation. It was loads of fun, it seems that Austin is full of heaps of Gung Ho people which is really refreshing.

One evening for drinks, MarekJ bought some Mr Peanut mixed nuts. It was a huge tin: 1.58kg, which would be used to sell house paint in Australia.

I was fascinated by this amazing object, which contained the somewhat ironic claim on its label: “less than 50% peanuts”, so I took a few photos of it. Today I uploaded all my AWTA (and general Austin) photos to PicasaWeb and ran the facial recognition feature.

Guess who came up?

Mr Peanut @ AWTA
Mr Peanut @ AWTA

Yes: Mr Peanut. Hilarious.

Just last night at dinner I was complaining that PicasaWeb couldn’t recogize my wife’s cat.

I’ve tagged Mr Peanut now and propose an ongoing joke to have Mr Peanut photos taken and tagged at all future open source testing conferences.

I’m currently writing this in transit in LAX. I still can’t believe how big that Boeing 747-400 sitting right there is.

Boeing 474-400 at LAX
Boeing 474-400 at LAX

Author: Alister Scott

Alister is an Excellence Wrangler for Automattic.