Automated testing SWOT analysis

I attended the Test Automation Workshop at Bond University on the Gold Coast (Australia) last week (LinkedIn Group). It was good to see what others in the field are doing and share my views on automated testing. In the final session, participants were asked to share their own SWOT analysis on automated testing as it currently stands. Here’s mine (remember, it’s my personal view only):

(S) Strengths

  • Testing community
  • Level of knowledge

(W) Weaknesses

  • Automated testing is WAY TOO COMPLEX: too much code, too many spreadsheets, too many system programming languages in use, too many vendorscripts
  • Requirements based testing has flaws (see my diagram)
Requirements Based Testing Venn Diagram
Requirements Based Testing Venn Diagram

(O) Opportunities

  • Open source testing tools growth (Watir, Selenium, FIT)
  • Use them at home, write about them! Share your knowledge.
  • Done well, automated testing gives you breathing space to do other things.

(T) Threats

  • Management’s expectations: replace manual testing, ‘codeless’ automated test frameworks. Instead focus on do better testing, do quicker testing.
  • Poor practitioners: give automated testing a bad name. (Possibly because they don’t have a personal development framework)
  • Bad metrics: don’t compare with something you wouldn’t have done anyway (eg. saved 10,000 hours of execution).  Metrics around bug counts.

If you disagree (or agree) with any of these leave a comment and let me know why!

Author: Alister Scott

Alister is an Excellence Wrangler for Automattic.

1 thought on “Automated testing SWOT analysis”

  1. Alister

    In my personal view, another strength of automated testing is the availability of numerous tools for the same type of testing. Other than that, I generally agree with the rest of your analysis.

    Inder P Singh


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