Short, friendly URLs

Here’s a good comparison that shows why I like short, friendly URLs.

HP Quality Centre

Length: Poor: 98 Characters
Friendliness: Poor: There’s no mention of Quality Centre or what it is. Lots of meaningless numbers and codes. Also, does a product page really require a secure page?
Google Search Blurb: Poor: “HP Quality Center is designed to address the wide-ranging challenges that…”

Google search for HP Quality Centre
Google search for HP Quality Centre

Atlassian JIRA

Length: Very good: 39 characters
Friendliness: Excellent: Includes both JIRA and software, so you know what it is. No unneccessary numbers or codes.
Google Search Blurb: Excellent: “Browser-based bug, issue, task and defect tracking system, and project management software solution used for open source and enterprise projects.”

Google search for Atlassian JIRA
Google search for Atlassian JIRA

It’s easy to see which one is better.

Author: Alister Scott

Alister is an Excellence Wrangler for Automattic.

3 thoughts on “Short, friendly URLs”

  1. You should see IBM’s url or any big wig corporation. It’s a nightmare. But perhaps on that note, the bigger the URL, the bigger the company?


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